WFY Academy

We believe that understanding the industry before committing to it will only benefit the employee and the client.

Giving the employee some time in the industry allows them to be exposed to the day to day routines, culture, environment that they are looking to commit to, with “eyes wide open”

The opportunity for a client to “try before buy” is a game changer! This gives the client a chance to understand the employee, strengths, weaknesses, personality and commitment before having the opportunity to take the employee on to their own books long term.

The Worksforyou academy has alliances with TAFE NSW as well as Dynamic Learning Services(DLS) that provides the training and facilitation of higher learning, to upskill them and mentor them into a potential leader and a high standard of employee for the future. 

Current Positions Available

We have a client in Caringbah(Sydney) who is looking for ongoing workers (x2) to work in the Warehousing and Logistics side of the business. Our client works with High-end brands,

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